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PA/Pro Audio Installations
As well as domestic audio installations we also specialise in Commercial Audio Installations. Some the venue we have installed in include Bars, Pubs, Clubs, Theaters, Sports Halls, Social Clubs, Golf Clubs, Conferencing Centres, Outdoor Spaces, Churches, Activity Centres, Gyms, Health Clubs, Shops, Restaurants, Bingo Halls and Cinemas. We offer a vast range of solutions from Speaker Replacements to Complete Venue Installations. We have years of knowledge and experience on a wide range of brands, to design/install a system to exceed all of your requirements.

Our Services include the installation of:
  • Passive and Active Loud Speakers
  • Rack Mount Solutions
  • Multiā€Zone Mixers
  • Crossovers and Loudspeaker Management
  • Cable Embedment or Trunking
  • Multi-­Channel Audio Patch Panels
  • Media Players
  • Sound Limiters
  • Feedback Eliminators
  • Amplifiers
  • Power Distribution Units
  • Multi-­Way Stage Boxes
We offer a 10 year guarantee with all of our wall fixings and a 2 year guarantee with all of our cables. Anytime you need advice on anything related to installations, our team is always happy to help. Call us today on 01245 524 425 or contact us here. 
More Information
An active speaker doesn't require an external amplifier to power it as it has a suitable and light weight amplifier module in built.

A passive speaker does require an external amplifier to power it.

Which Is Best? 
There is no definitive answer as both active and passive loud speakers have their pro’s and con’s depending on the venues requirements. The venue 
would need to be surveyed to determine which system will be most effective

Speaker Mounting 
A loudspeaker can be mounted in a number or different ways depending on
structural surroundings. They can be mounted on the wall using the correct brackets, suspended from the ceiling using safety cables, they can be suspended from trussing or ground stacked. 

Is more better? To a point yes however there are many other factor that should be taken into consideration when evaluating a speakers limits. For example the frequency response, the SPL level, the internal components, the speaker cabinet materials, speaker dimensions and the list goes on... The wattage rating doesn't necessarily mean the speaker is going to be louder than a lower rated speaker, this is because many cheaper speakers are inefficient at turning power into decibels. This is where the SPL (sound pressure level) rating comes in, SPL is measured in decibels and this figure gives a more accurate indication as to how loud the speaker is.

What is an amplifier?
An amplifier is responsible for amplifying an audio signal and powering multiple passive speakers.

Zone Amplifier 
This is an amplifier that typically has a lower power rating than a stereo amplifier but has a greater number of controllable outputs. This is ideal for a venue with different zones in which the user would like to control the volume levels of independently. 

Multi-Channel Amplifier 
This typically has more than 2 output channels so a greater number of speakers can be powered from a single unit. This makes it ideal for saving space as you won’t need several amplifiers. It also has most of the same features as a typical stereo amplifier.

Rack mounting is a great way to organise your equipment to save space and provide a more user friendly set-up. Rack mounting comes in many different shapes and forms depending on the equipment and use. For example there are floor standing cabinets, wall mountable cabinets, cases and the list goes on. All cabinets/cases can be fitted with tamper proof locks and face plates.
A crossover is designed to split up the audio signal so each amplifier will only receive the correct frequency range for that particular speaker it is powering. This type of system is more effective and delivers more accurate sound quality especially in larger PA systems.
We take safety very seriously as all commercial installations must meet safety regulations. These regulations may differ depending on venue and location. Some of these safety regulations include:
  • Correct load baring capacity on brackets and fixings
  • Using the correctly specified cable for the right applications
  • The use of safety chains for any piece of equipment mounted on the wall, ceiling or flown from trussing
A patch panel is a great way to keep all your cabling organised inside your rack mountable cabinets / cases. These patch panels can be customised to suit your requirements. It also makes the system a lot less time consuming to re-wire / add or remove equipment.

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