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26 / 07 /2016
How strong is a plaster board wall? TV wall mount / installation test!
We tested how strong a plaster-board wall really is by wall mounting an old Plasma TV to our home made plaster-board wall. We think you will be quite surprised with the results. Remember though we always over fix our wall brackets with our TV installations just to be safe. We provide a 10 year wall fixing guarantee with all our installations.

Please check out the video below:
06 / 03 /2015
KEF 5.1 Home Cinema Installation with 55" Samsung TV
We mounted into the corner of the living room a 55” Samsung LED TV onto a Vogels Design Mount arm bracket. We also installed a KEF T105 home cinema system. 

Starting with the Vogels Design mount arm bracket. This bracket is truly amazing and perhaps the best bracket that we have installed. It’s arm motion is so fluent and smooth it just requires one finger to move. A beautiful bracket to look at, for £349 you definitely get for what you pay for.

The KEF T105 5.1 speaker package probably include one of the most beautiful speakers on the market. These speakers are just 35mm deep and sit beautifully on the walls of our customers living room. Don’t let the size fool you though because they really do sound amazing. Costing at around £1200 for the 5.1 package it really is worth every penny.

All the cables going to and from the TV have been taken outside and run in conduit to a cabinet on the other side of the room. Using a magic eye on the the center speaker our customer can control the equipment behind closed doors. We custom mounted the center speaker onto the TV. All the speaker cables are hidden inside the wall and plastered over. The sub-woofer is sitting beneath the TV hidden behind our customers furniture.
16 / 02 /2015
65" 4K Curved Samsung TV and Sonos Play-Bar Installation
We mounted this gorgeous curved LCD onto a flat bracket bringing it as close to the wall as possible. The resolution of this screen is 3840 x 2160 making this beauty 4K. The picture is top quality and the curve really surrounds you making you feel part of the film.

The Sonos Play-Bar mounted beneath the 65” Samsung LCD produces clarity sound but combined with the Sonos Sub it gives the sound a bass rumbling edge.

An optical lead comes out of the 65” and into the Play-Bar bringing the sound through out the Play-Bar and Sonos Sub.

We mounted a floating cabinet beneath the Sonos Play-Bar and 65” Samsung to house the Sky Box, Blue-ray player and Router. Floating shelves are very popular now leaving a clean modern look.

The Eye on top of the cabinet allows our customer to control the equipment through the doors. This works by bringing the remote signal from the eye and into the cabinet.
12 / 02 /2015
5.1 Home Cinema Installation with 65" Samsung TV
Here we have a 65” 4K samsung mounted onto the chimney breast. We chased all the cables from the unit to the left of the breast to behind the TV concealing all the cables.

The 5.1 home cinema system is a Cambridge Audio Minx S225 package. This system costs about £750 and is well worth every penny. The speakers are only small but they are very well built, they are very solid and have a bit of weight to them. They really do produce a beautiful sound. The sub which is sat behind the sofa is only tiny but it produces gorgeous bass. We always recommend this package to our customers.

To finish off we plastered all the holes we made which takes 2-3 days to dry.

The cables behind the unit are all cable tied up to reduce clutter but unfortunately this unit doesn't hide them very well. We recommended getting cut a white square bit of wood to cover up the cables.
17 / 01 /2015
65" 4K TV Installation with Sound-Bar
This lovely 65” 4K Samsung LCD replaced a 55” Samsung LCD, which we mounted in our customers dining room. 

This TV isn’t like ordinary TV’s, normally all your equipment plugs directly into the TV but not with this 65” Samsung. This 65” has a separate box with all the TV inputs (e.g hdmi, optical, ethernet) that lives with your equipment. One unique Samsung cable comes from the box to the TV so you only have this and the power lead going to the TV. Sounds like a good idea but what happens when your equipment is far away and the lead isn’t long enough? You can buy a slightly longer one than the one supplied from Samsung but its still not very long and this is at extra cost on top of the £3000 TV you have just bought.

The TV produces a gorgeous picture but if your equipment is going to live more than 2.5m away from your TV, we would recommend buying a 65” TV with the AV connections inbuilt the TV so that longer cables can be purchased.

The sound-bar on the other hand is lovely, producing a clear sound filling the living room. The wireless sub sat in the corner producing a nice bass bringing the sound to life.
10 / 10 /2014
65" 4K TV Installation with a Logitech Universal Remote
On this plasterboard wall safely mounted is a 65” Sony Bravia KD65X9005BBU. This is a beautiful example of a 4K television. The brilliance behind this TV are the inbuilt speakers. TV’s today are so thin that they lack in sound quality due to the small size of the inbuilt speakers. This 65” Sony has got excellent speakers either side of it, this means that a sound-bar is not needed. As well as the sound, the picture quality doesn’t fail to impress.

We chased all the cables going to the TV into the wall leaving no cables on show what so ever. The equipment lives in the unit below the TV with the Logitech remote sitting on top.

We programmed a Logitech Harmony Ultimate for our customer to control all of his AV equipment. The beauty about the Logitech Harmony Ultimate is that it can communicate through solid doors. So with one button, our customers TV and Sky box are on and on to the correct channel.
17 / 09 /2014
Sonos Installation with Niles Ceiling Speakers
Mounted in the ceiling we have two Niles 7” background loudspeakers. Niles speakers are beautiful sounding speakers, absolutely perfect for a Sonos installation. They have magnetic covers allowing the grill to cover almost the entire speaker. They look gorgeous.

We ran the speaker cables across the ceiling and down to a cupboard below. Here sat the Sonos Connect Amp fueling the speakers with music steaming from our customers iPhone.

We also installed ceiling speakers in their dining room and the kids play room. They can now enjoy their music from any room at any time.
05 / 09 /2014
55" TV Installation with a Sound-Bar
On the chimney breast we have a 55” LG 4K LED TV. The picture this TV produced was beautiful. Bright and vibrant.

To the right of the chimney breast sits a Sky box and an Apple TV. The cables are concealed into the wall providing a gorgeous floating TV. 

To save running two power leads for the TV and sound-bar we ran just the one 3 core power cable. Behind the TV we then split the power cable to the sound-bar and TV. The power pack, that all sound-bars seem to come with, is located behind the TV to keep it out of sight.

The sound-bar gets it sound from the TV via an optical cable that comes out of the TV. The wireless sub-woofer is located in the corner behind the sofa providing a lovely bass.

I think Samsung better watch out for LG because we were pleasantly surprised as to how good this LG 4K TV was. It has a beautiful picture and a lovely menu system making it easy to navigate yourself around.
22 / 08 /2014
Ceiling Speaker Installation with Sonos
In the ceiling are two KEF ceiling speakers producing a stereo sound from a Sonos Connect Amp unit inside the kitchen cupboard.

At the top of the kitchen cupboard to the right is a Sonos Connect Amp which has a built in amplifier to power the ceiling speakers. The Sonos unit gives you access to all your iTunes music on your local computer, your music from your Apple or Android device and access to streaming services such as Napster and internet radio. This can all be controlled from the app on your Apple or Android device.

We took the cables inside the ceiling, making several holes to get across the studs and ending up in the kitchen cupboard for the Sonos Connect Amp. We plastered over the holes we made and the ceiling was filled and painted and now the kitchen can be filled with multi-room audio.
16 / 06 /2014
Boston Acoustics 5.1 Home Cinema Installation
On the wall with a slim bracket is a 42” Sony LCD with the left, right and center speakers of the Boston Acoustics package mounted around the LCD. To the rear is the sofa with the surround left and right speakers mounted either side. In the rear corner is the sub-woofer producing all the lovely bass. The cables have all been chased into the wall and all go back to a cupboard inside the wall to the right of the TV.

In the cupboard is an old Sony AV receiver powering all the Boston Acoustic speakers. Going into the AV receiver is an optical cable from Apple TV and an optical cable coming from the TV bringing the free-view sound out of the TV and through the surround sound speakers. The AV receiver doesn’t have HDMI switching as its a good 10 years old so we have gone into the AV receiver with optical cables from the equipment for the sound. The HDMI cables go direct to the TV so to change input our customer will have to change it on the TV as well as on the AV receiver for the sound.

All in all the Boston Acoustics 5.1 surround sound package sounds very good for its price. The speakers have a nice solid build and with the sub-woofer produce a nice kick. For only £250 this package is right up there in the low cost home cinema packages.
10 / 06 /2014
TV Installation in the Bedroom
Here we have a 32” LG LCD mounted onto the wall with a tilt bracket. The TV can easily be tilted down just by pushing the bottom of the TV down.

The TV was mounted onto a plaster board wall with breeze block behind allowing us to safely bolt the TV to the wall.

Our customers only wanted the ability to watch free-view and Sky from downstairs using the Sky eye on top of the TV to control it. The only cables that we needed to run to the TV was aerial and power. We ran the cables inside the wall with the power cable coming out and plugging into the nearest socket. We joined onto the existing aerial cable in the room and chased it inside the wall seeing no aerial cable at all. We plastered over the holes we made and now our customers have their 32” LG mounted in their bedroom with no cables on show.
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